Algam's Departments

Medical Department

Our medical department consists of four divisions:

Lab equipment division:

Form basic diagnostic testing to comprehensive laboratory equipment. We provide high quality products and profound after-sales technical support, we have become not just the source of innovative laboratory solutions, but also an information source for customers.

Medical equipment division:

With our comprehensive line of state-of-art medical equipment, patients can receive the safety, comfort, and care they need to recover and return to their everyday life as quickly as possible. In addition, our primary care customers can benefit from the depth of our experience and expertise to help improve overall performance.
Our subdivisions are characterized by highly qualified engineers, and excellent after-sales service, in addition to boasting a number of expert level certificates.
Subdivisions include:
Critical care solutions.
Emergency room solutions.
Operating room solutions.

Equipment planning and turnkey projects division:

The medical equipment planning and turnkey projects department at algam healthcare solutions (AHS) offers comprehensive solutions to create medical facilities that suit the client's requests and requirements.
Our services:
Healthcare turn-key projects.
Medical planning.
Design, hospital, and Furnishing.

Imaging division:

The imaging division is capable of developing a system that addresses their specific requirements. In addition to installation, we provide extensive customer support including consultation, preventive maintenance, and problem solving.
Our services:
X-Ray products including Mobile, Conventional, Digital, Radiography, Ultrasound and X-Ray for radiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dental Department

To maximize the efficiency and success of practitioner's dental practice, we offer superior products and technology backed by excellent customer service and an extensive suite of value-added services.
All our dental products and solutions are provided at the hands of professionally trained representatives and technicians. Through direct support from our suppliers, we have become recognized as the best in the market not just because of high quality but also for our outstanding services across all dental subdivisions.

Subdivisions include:
Dental clinic for dental chairs, Accessories, and X-Ray units.
Dental lab for lab equipment, Ceramics, Laboratory benches, Laboratory micro motors, Phantom units, and CAD/CAM systems.

Algam established 3D scan center, the first dental diagnostic center with the latest technology.
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Scientific Department

The Scientific and Industrial Division provides a diverse range of quality products, services and solutions at par with international standards which focuses on the Industrial, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Food and feed analysis, Mining and power and utility.

We aim to provide cost-effective solutions through a wide channel of reputed international partners, supported locally by experienced and skilled staff. Our expertise has constantly enabled us to devise ways to support engineered products while rapidly adapting to the ever-changing market trends.

Chemical Department

Algam chemicals has the distinction of being a reliable and reputable leading supplier of chemicals to the industrial and institutional sectors of the economy in Sudan. We also provide technical and marketing support for various industrial ventures in this area.

Infection Control Line Department